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“Along the Autobahn in a Tiny Greyhound Bus: Ayla Schofield's Journey from Lederhosen to Cowboy Boots, Fueled by Country Music"

What makes a girl born and raised in the land of Volkswagen, Becks beer and Lederhosen, trade those in for big trucks, a Budweiser and cowboy boots? 

For Ayla Schofield it was the love of a Country music. 

Since she was knee high to a grasshopper making country music has been her dream and growing up on the wrong side of the big pond wouldn’t stop that dream. So she packed up her custom mini Greyhound bus and has been independently touring Europe for the past three years, gigging across 8 different countries. 



About My Music.

The former 'The Voice of Germany,' contestant is now releasing her original songs as an acoustic collection as well as her official debut EP, over this and next year. A collection uniquely her own, self recorded and produced, a testament to her solo voice, heartfelt songwriting, and mastery of the fiddle. The studio versions of these songs were produced with Michael Hanson (Glass Tiger) from Toronto, Canada.

On Feb 5th of 2024 she shared the stage with

Oliver Anthony in Utrecht, Netherlands.


On June 1st Ayla is will play live in her hometown Oldenburg in Germany, for the "Queens Of Country Germany" event, organised by Freefolkmedia.

Later this year Ayla will start playing shows in Canada and the US, which will her first live shows outside of Europe as a new coming independent country music artist from Germany.

She recently released the second single of her OFFICIAL DEBUT EP. Stream "In Your Car" HERE

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